Wednesday, Sept. 9th, 2020
6:30PM Dinner– Hispanic Cuisine
7:30PM– Stated Communication
Education– Fire Pit Discussion

Saturday Sept. 12th, 2020 
Easton Town Party 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm


Wednesday Oct. 14th, 2020
6:30PM– Dinner– Italian Cuisine
7:30PM– Stated Communication
Education – Alchemy and Masonry

Thursday Oct. 24th, 2020
Liberty Ghost Hunters Reveal
Time: To be announced
Open to Public


Wednesday Nov. 11th, 2020
6:30PM Dinner– Thanksgiving or Chef ’s Choice
7:30PM– Stated Communication
Tentative EA Degree

Inspection Month/Pin Presentation

Saturday Nov. 14th, 2020
Tentative PM Fellow Craft Degree
5:00PM Dinner– Degree Start
7:00PM– Family Fellowship Night


Wednesday Dec. 9th, 2020
6:30PM– Dinner– Chef ’s Choice
7:30PM– Annual Stated Communication
Education – Four Chaplains
Lodge Elections