Ashlar-Aspetuck lodge No. 142

200 Center Road, Easton CT

Joseph Zannino, Secretary



2019 Dues for all members. Equal a total of $202.00;

$67.00 for Grand Lodge, and $135.00 for your mother lodge.

EXCEPT as follows:

  1.  Members over the age of 70, pay only Grand Lodge Dues of $67.00.
  2. Dual members (Ashlar-Aspetuck No. 142 IS NOT mother lodge) pay only $135.00 to Ashlar-Aspetuck Lodge.
  3. 50 year members; Members on title 19 (G.L. requires photocopy proof); Living at any Masonic facility in Connecticut, your dues are free.

Please make checks payable to: Ashlar-Aspetuck Lodge No. 142.

To pay by PayPal with a $10.00 Processing Fee you may click here.  PayPal

If you have any issues about paying the Dues; contact Wm Schueler, secretary or Don Demaine, Treasurer

Please mail your payments to:

Ashlar-Aspetuck Lodge No. 142

C/O Secretary Dues

PO Box 424

Easton, CT 06612-0424