Ashlar Aspetuck 142’s New Entered Apprentices

 February, we initiated two new Brothers to the Craft Brothers Jason Bedient and Paul Zajac. We wish the all the best in their journey in Masonry.

Ashlar Aspetuck 142’s Mentor program

Our Mentor program is up and running with six Brothers who now have a Mentor helping them with many of the things necessary to help them through their degrees.

A good mentor helps the new Brother at the beginning of their journey to learn and understand all the nuances of being a good Mason. Yes, they help them learn their required ritual, masonic history and traditions as well. But, our mentors inspire our new Brothers to seek more light and ask more questions of our fraternity so that they have a good foundation as a Mason and not just acquiring degrees.

Thank you to all the Mentors who stepped up to help. 

St. Patrick’s Day Table lodge

Another fun Table lodge hosted by Ashlar Aspetuck again this year. Approximately 30 Brothers embarked on an evening of great fun, food and fellowship.

This year we had a great showing from our lodge as well as a few other lodges in the areas as they know that is such a fun event. Thanks to WB Charlie (Chef Hiram) and our Stewards Brothers Max, Anthony and Sildi for all your time and effort in making this a great event.

April – We have a new Grand Master, District Deputy and Associate Grand Marshal!

April brings more than our Income taxes, it time for the Grand lodge to change leadership and with that we have new Grand Lodge Officers:

Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand lodge of the state of Connecticut.

Most Worshipful Brother Theodore “Ted” J. Nelson

Our District Deputy:

Right Worshipful Brother David Klein

And Associate Grand Marshal

Worshipful Brother Mark Hawkins

We wish them all the success in the coming year. Congratulations!


May – Golf Outing (See below) and Memorial Day Parade

The Brothers of Ashlar Aspetuck will be Marching in the Easton Memorial parade with a possible float and food booth. Any Brother interested in managing this please let our Jr. Warden know. I hope that all our Brethren can participate in joining Easton on this solemn day celebrating the lives of those who gave theirs in defense of our country.

June – Family BBQ at the Park

Looking to put together a family BBQ for the whole family at a local Park for the day and evening. More info to come.

Master Mason Stated communication. This Stated Communication is for Master Masons only and will have a great speaker.