It is an honor for the trust you put in me and electing me Master of this
proud and beautiful lodge. I will do my best to lead Ashlar- Aspetuck 142 by
following the tenants of Freemasonry.  I believe in Servant Leadership, and as such, I am not a demanding person.  However, I will demand one thing
from the brothers. That you all hold me accountable to the path I layout. It
is imperative that I have your feedback, ideas, and, most important of all your help if we are to grow.

Focus on the Why- Our Stated Communications will be streamlined
by having as much information as we are authorized to do disseminated via
email before the communication.  I want our Stated Communications to
focus on Why we joined the craft and not another job meeting.

Brotherhood includes our Families- As you can see from the budget, most of our events are not the norm.  That is because I want our families involved.  The craft can make our loved ones feel like a commodity and second fiddle.

For the sake of the AA 142, our families need to be involved- Family First.

Community Engagement- As I mentioned at the Installation, we can no
longer be the “Boo Radley” of Easton.  We need to come out of the shadows
and be an organization of service and support to Easton and surrounding

Brothers, I believe if we stick to these three concepts, Ashlar- Aspetuck 142 will grow.  We have seen darkness before, and we are going to meet it now head-on with one eye on the past and one eye on the future.  Something new, one of our Brother’s ethnicity will be the theme for the dinner.
Immediately following the prayer, the Brother will give a quick and brief talk on his culture and, if possible, link to Freemasonry. Breaking bread is a great time to sit and chat and learn more about each other. Please see Brother Kraig Gray if you want your heritage on display and he can coordinate with the Junior Warden.

Fraternally and Respectfully,
Mark Zuccerella

Worshipful Master