Keep in our hearts and deeds the tenets of our order. We have much labor fast approaching this spring and need to be prepared. The Golf tournament, the Wives and Widows Brunch/Lunch and the Memorial Day open house. WE need participation and energy to be successful. Each of these events are a family affair. PLEASE encourage your wives to GET INVOLVED to help plan, execute and enjoy them with us.
Each brother should try to get a Golf Foursome.

I shall endeavor to make this year fun, educational and enriching for ourselves, families and the community. On that note, I would like to involve the families more so please encourage them to come for the dinners. We can set a family price for the meal. Also, any Ashlar Aspetuck Brother over 75 or a 50yr Mason shall eat for free!

I pray that all of us and our families have a happy and healthy year. So mote it be!


Most Sincerely and Respectfully,

Scott David Shilinsky

Worshipful Master

Be a Mason in your actions as well as your words. Be the light!