Two-thirds of our year has been completed, in a fashion no one imagined.  I think as a Lodge, we pulled together and had a good time.  Our Summer Fire Pit sessions were a success.  By not going dim, we only missed one Stated due to COVID-19.  The pandemic only slowed us down in respect to our three goals: Focus on the Why; Brotherhood Includes Families; and Community Engagement.

The overall consensus is the educations was fun and entertaining.   In September, after discussing the Easton Town Party and one small business item, we will adjourn to the Fire Pit.  Are you ready Brother Senior     Warden?  It’s your turn to lead the discussion.   

I want to also thank Brothers Max and Kraig for the excellent meals and history behind each ethnic cuisine they served us.  Great food and great info!  This will continue.

How about that blue on the Lodge, looks great.  Pandemic didn’t stop that!

Speaking of the pandemic, we did get to have two fun family events, the date night  painting and Veracious St. Pat’s night.  It was great involving our families and friends in our fellowship.  We have some more events planned pending any COVID-19 rule changes.

We have achieved our goal of Community Engagement.  Bro. Steve has done an  outstanding job, single handily driving the Easton Town Party.  Without his expertise, we would not have been able to set up the community-wide event set for September 12.   

We also had a last-minute “Ghost Hunters” night at the lodge in January but unfortunately, it was limited due to the Ghost Hunters request. However, October 24th, Liberty Ghost Hunters will be back for the reveal of their findings from earlier this year.  We are opening this to the public.   

We have a tentative Family Fellowship Dinner planned for November 14th.  We are planning a PM FC Degree (It was supposed to be in April) followed by the dinner.  See the Lodge schedule.  We also may have one, possibly two, EAs.  I am hoping November will be our  inspection and Pin Presentation month.

We have been the talk of the Town for the past few months We are coming out of the shadows and need to keep it going.  There is interest in the ECC using the Lodge to help with their COVID-19 distance learning.  Town Hall   pointed them to us.  I will keep you posted on that item.  

The last third of 2020 will be busy and I am counting on the Officers and Brothers to keep the momentum going.

Fraternally and Respectfully,
Mark Zuccerella

Worshipful Master