It is with great honor and responsibility that I have been entrusted to serve as Worshipful Master. I intend to serve with a firm resolve that is deserving of our Craft, yet humbly in the presence of Almighty G-d and all those who have come this way before me. I also vow to go beyond the call of duty to bring honor to the chair. I was once told that the “chair does not make the man, but that the man makes the chair”. This has stuck with me and is a constant reminder of the weight of our endeavor to become better men and Masons.

2021 will bring with it the theme of “Revealing the Inner Light”. Inherent in each of us is a reflection of the Divine. We are all created in the image of the Grand Architect of the Universe and as Masons we are challenged to discover, harness, and reveal it to the world. Our Education will consist of lecture, robust discussion, and continue into all aspects of our lives both within and without the Lodge.

I have no doubt that we will all grow as a result of it and build a Lodge to which we are all proud.

I look forward to serving you this Masonic year.

Max Kalkstein-Worshipful Master