On the morning of May 14theight Brothers from Ashlar-Aspetuck Lodge No. 142 in Easton gathered together at Union Cemetery for their first community project of the year. Union Cemetery is a very old, historic cemetery in town where some of the plots have become overgrown to the point where some gravestones have been completely hidden. 

“We have what we are calling the Three Pillar Plan at the lodge this year. One of the pillars, the Pillar of Beauty, represents our commitment to being more visible and active in the community.” said Joe Zannino, Worshipful Master of Ashlar-Aspetuck 142. He went on to say “Many of our Brothers, along with their families, are buried in this cemetery so it was a naturally something that we were very interested in doing as part of our obligation both to our Brethren and to the community.” 

The Brothers spent half of the day working hard to remove the various weeds and bushes that covered the gravestones. “We made a big difference today and I’m excited that the Brothers can’t wait to come back and do more. This will become a regular event for us” said Past Master Darrin Silhavy. “A lot of my friends and family ask me what do Masons do?”, added Sr. Steward Eric Farrell. “It’s things like this, this is what we do.” 

Indeed the Brothers were excited to offer a helping hand and plan on coming back throughout the year to continue their efforts. We’d like to thank all of the Brothers that participated that day. They are WM Joe Zannino, SW Mark Smith, SS Eric Farrell, PM Darrin Silhavy, Marshall Don Berlekovic, Brother Max Kalkstein, Brother Anthony Naveja, and Brother Jose Guzman.

Union Cemetery Clean Up

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