The Brothers of Ashlar-Aspetuck 142 made a commitment this year to expand and improve education among its membership. They have taken this commitment and extended it to the Easton community with two big initiatives.

“We are always looking for ways to not only better ourselves, but also take the important lessons that we learn in the lodge and put them to use in the community” said Worshipful Master Joe Zannino. Last year Ashlar-Aspetuck 142 raised money for the Easton Learning Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching Easton’s commitment to quality education. “We are proud to be making another donation to E.L.F. this year, but we felt that we could do something more” Zannino added.

The “something more” is the institution of a Computer Award Donation Program which will be done in conjunction with Joel Barlow High School. The program includes the lodge working with local high school officials to identify a Barlow Senior that is an Easton Resident and has applied to an institution to continue their education, whether it is a vocational school, college, or university. The lodge will then work with the student and their future vocational institution, college, or university administrators to provide a computer package tailored to the student’s course of studies, and choice of higher education.

The initial meeting with the school officials has already taken place and was met with overwhelming enthusiasm. The meeting concluded with the agreement that the inaugural presentation will take place in June of this year. If you are interested in this program, please contact the Guidance Department at Joel Barlow High School for further criteria and information.

Ashlar-Aspetuck 142 Extends Education Initiatives to the Easton Community

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